Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA

Green Coffee Bean ExtractCoffee lovers abound all around the world. More often than not, you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee. The aroma, the wonderful smell of the brew and the caffeine kick are all you need to start your day right.

But there’s something new in the market – green coffee bean extract. The green coffee beans are soaked rather than roasted and concentrated to the point that you have enough for that precious bean extract.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Helps You Burn Fat

When is coffee more than just coffee? The answer is – when it’s the green coffee bean extract. This is because when you roast coffee beans, on the upside antioxidant levels increase. But on the downside, Chlorogenic acid is leveled down. This means you lose an important, powerful and very healthy chemical in the coffee bean.

Chlorogenic acid (CHL) can block the accumulation of fat and raise your metabolism. In this way, weight loss is enhanced. It also regulates blood sugar levels and inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme that increases glucose levels in the liver. This makes your liver healthier and allows your liver to function more efficiently. CHL also fights harmful free radicals in the bloodstream. It has the benefits of weight loss without the side effects and jitteriness of other weight loss supplements.

Green coffee bean extract has gotten the endorsement of Dr. Mehmet Oz, who gained fame through Oprah Winfrey’s show and now has his own television program. Dr. Oz personally investigated green coffee bean extract and his trial group lost an average of two pounds a week compared to the group that was placed on a placebo.

Green coffee bean extract is also endorsed by celebrity nutritionist Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN, who has 28 years of clinical experience and studies in alternative health that has brought him to Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest, Inner Mongolia’s Himalaya Mountains and other indigenous places worldwide. Duncan is a popular guest on shows like The View and Fox & Friends. He’s also been featured in many magazines including US Weekly, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country.

Scientific Studies Back Up Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Why would reputable physicians endorse green coffee bean extract? Primarily, because unlike other diet and energy supplements, green coffee bean extract supplements have undergone reputable testing.

A University of Scranton, Pennsylvania study showed the benefits of green coffee bean extract. Scranton researchers gave 1,050 mg of the extract to 16 obese adults and tracked their lifestyle habits for 22 weeks including diet, exercise, heart rate and blood pressure among others. Findings revealed the participants lost 10.5 percent body weight averaging 17 pounds lost. This was done without making any major changes in their daily routine with regard to diet and exercise. Neither did the participants experience any harmful side effects.

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