6 Tips to Keep Curly Hair Healthy

Eu Natural
June 16, 2015

Do you have curly hair and though you struggle with its inevitable ball of knots and coarseness, people still “wish they had your hair”. Then this is the article that was made for you.


The truth is that curls take some maintaining and in order to make it stay healthy, curly, and consistent, you’ll need a curl-tutor to give you the ropes. I’ve always had the in-between hair that never wanted to either be straight or maintain curl. Because I was always between both looks I never knew how to truly tame and sustain my curls until I got a bit older. Now that I have had my fair share of broken rubber bands, broken combs and broken hopes, I’m proud to say I’m a curl-advocate now!

I’m happy to share some pretty cool ways on how to keep curly hair healthy that I’ve picked up.

Steps to Healthy Hair

1. Shampoo & Condition

Make sure that when you wash, you’re using both shampoo and conditioner that are ideal for curly, dry, or damaged hair. Having a washing agent that takes care of these components will assure the curl you will want. Sometimes when you purchase the wrong shampoo (i.e. for fine or thin hair) it will simply not do your luscious locks any justice. Make sure you are leaving leave-in conditioner and combing out to eliminate any tangles. This insures a silky, smooth, and healthy mane of hair for the entire day and thereafter.

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2. Keep things streamy!

Try going to a sauna or keeping the shower running while you define your curls with the water’s steam. Just like your body, sweating is detoxing and great for your hair and scalp. Try doing this while you deep condition. A little goes a long way.

3. Wide tooth combs

Brushes are not your friend when it comes to detangling your curly hair and especially when your hair is wet. Try using a wide tooth comb so you can detangle and still sustain that beautiful curl.

4. Tame your frizz

We all get a bit frizzy sometime. I personally blame the humidity but to each his own. The perfect medium for hair like mine which can get frizzy but oily rather quickly is a serum. Using a serum is the one product I know I can live by. Because it is so light, allows my hair to absorb the moisture and doesn’t make your hair look too oily, it’s a win-win for every hair type.

This also will retain the moisture for all excess frizzes dwelling in your beautiful curls.

5. The diffuser is your friend

Having a diffuser attachment on your hair blow dryer is going to retain the curls and not let them blow in their own direction. With a diffuser, you’re keeping the drying agent in one area and not spreading to other parts of your hair. This is great for curls since it will only focus on drying pinpoint areas and not bellowing out aimlessly.

6. Satin

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Your head should feel like a million bucks when you rest your head to sleep. Using a satin silky pillowcase will eliminate that bed hair, keep your curls in place, keep it healthy, eliminate those pesky face wrinkles and make you feel like a princess.

Hair Products That Work Wonders For Your Curly Hair

 Finding which oils work best for your hair is very important when selecting your hair products. Here are a few recommendations for curly headed women and why I love them:

1. Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks is a curl-defining system for women who are “in-between”. Personally I can vouch for having a mix of both Mexican and African-American heritage. I tried this product because it gives me something to spoil my hair without making it too greasy or too weak. Whether you're black, white, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above, you'll love the way these non-sticky, lightweight curly hair products. Your curls will finally lock in the necessary moisture and it’s great to be multiracial and finally have something made for me.

2. Miss Jessie's

Miss Jessie's tackles women’s curly hair care needs they stumbled upon a problem: there were simply no products on the market that catered to their clientele's hair type so they created their own rendition of workable hair care. Founders Titi and Miko got inspired by their grandmother's can-do attitude in the kitchen and soon enough decided to perfect their own curly hair product creations.

3. Miracles Soft Hold Creme

Miracles has Aloe and the ability to harness frizz, soften and improve elasticity as it keeps your curls in place.

4. Curly Sexy Hair

Curly Sexy Hair is perfect for the day or two after shampooing, when you need some lift and restructuring, work a small amount of this crème-like formula into your hair to give it volume. Curly sexy hair is going to give you that curl volume and definition that you’ve been hoping for. Works best with clean hair!

5. Hempz Pomegranate Daily Herbal Moisturizing Shampoo

This Hempz Moisturizing Shampoo helps hydrate and moisturize while boosting the hair's strength and shine while leaving behind a light pomegranate scent. Hempz Pomegranate Daily Herbal Moisturizing Shampoo is perfect for everyday use. This sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and THC drug-free formulated shampoo is also 100% vegan. It adds shine, ideal for curly hair types, and even color-safe.

6. Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner

I just love Kenra products. This conditioner will hydrate that excessively dry and coarse hair. Its deep penetrating formula replenishes moisture for greater elasticity, manageability and shine. This product is just perfect for girls with coarse and curly hair. This conditioner works like a dream!

7. Blue Green Algae Conditioning Mask

This mask gives you a groovy combination of blue green algae with organic shea butter, organic aloe and other moisture-rich herbals for deep conditioning and repair. There's no better conditioner for the hair than protein. And there's no better source of vegetable protein than blue green algae, made up of more than 50% utilizable protein, all the major amino acids and a long list of vitamins and minerals. They combine it with organic shea butter, organic aloe and other moisture-rich herbals for deep conditioning and repair.

8. Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Conditioner

This conditioner will always feel like a fresh start, especially when it comes to your hair. This invigorating, moisturizing conditioner is just the replenishing boost your hair needs to keep it looking lovely. Made with naturally nourishing ingredients—Rosemary, Peppermint, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Jojoba Seed Oil Sage—that deeply moisturizes, so your hair will feel magnificent!

9. Ouidad

Ouidad opened the first salon in the country catering exclusively to curly hair in 1984. Since then her trademarked cutting and styling techniques and line of award-winning curl optimizing products, have changed the lives of curly and wavy-haired people everywhere. Sought out by editors and peers for her extensive knowledge, Ouidad seeks to empower both stylists and people with curls through education, understanding and specialized knowledge. They have a brilliant product offering for curls of all types where they are kinky, tight, loose, and all of the above.

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