9 Of The Best Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

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August 22, 2017

If you’re like most people, chances are that you don’t have an eyelash routine at all and the only element your eyelashes ever get to hang out with is your mascara. I know for a fact that I cannot live without mascara. It’s a staple in my purse and my makeup routine.

However, most of us are taking our eyelashes for granted.


Eyelashes are not only about the glam, they require some TLC too, just like your hair. Well, eyelashes are hair too so the basic requirements such as diet and lifestyle apply to them as well.

So let’s first discuss 9 of the best ways to grow longer eyelashes naturally and then we can focus on the makeup.

1. Reduce abuse

Stop abusing your hair, skin, nails and your eyelashes. It’s extremely easy to be harsh around the eye area, especially because the skin in this region is delicate and the eyelashes are easy to break and pull off. Unlike the hair on your scalp, eyelashes take much longer to grow, lengthen and regrow. Therefore, the best approach is to prevent damage and loss first.

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When I talk about stopping abuse, I don’t mean that you should avoid makeup altogether. While it can be extremely beneficial to your skin and eyelashes to take a few days off makeup, you can do yourself a favor by making sure you take everything off gently when you’re back home. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing the eye area as this can cause breakage and shedding of eyelashes.

Gently remove impurities and makeup using a gentle makeup remover soaked in a cotton swab. Here is a list of the most popular eye makeup removers from Total Beauty. I also like removing my makeup with coconut oil because it does the trick much better and faster than most products in the market, plus its completely natural and good for the skin.

It is important that you are careful while taking off makeup because vigorous rubbing can also result in fine lines and wrinkles. Finish off with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer before going to sleep.

2. Comb your lashes

I wasn’t kidding when I said your eyelashes require a special routine too. Brushing your eyelashes may sound like a weird thing to do but it’s easy and it works. Simply brushing your eyelashes using an eyelash comb can make your eyelashes appear longer. Here is a video tutorial by eHow Beauty on how you should comb your eyelashes.

Bonus tip: Brush your eyelashes after applying mascara as well to remove clumps and give a more natural and clean look. Additionally, combing your lashes before applying mascara can help you separate individual lashes before application. Don’t overdo the combing and limit to not more than twice a day. Over-combing may cause shedding as well.

3. Use oils

Make it a habit to apply an oil mask before going to sleep every night. Just like with the hair on your scalp, oils such as castor oil, olive oil, almond oil and others help speed up eyelash growth, while making sure they grow healthy and are less prone to breakage.

My favorite trick is to use a clean mascara brush for application. It’s easy and less messy than applying with your fingers. You can get some clean, empty mascara wands with the bottles on Amazon. Just get a few of these bottles and fill each with your own favorite oil blends – make sure you label them.

My absolute favorite oil and oil blends! 

  • Olive and castor oil - This is a homemade eyelash treatment that my friend taught me. She has thick and long eyelashes that are the main feature of her face and I had to know her secret.
  • Burdock oil and Vitamin E mask - Mix one teaspoon of burdock oil with two drops of vitamin E and that’s about it. Apply to your lashes before going to sleep.
  • Aloe vera eyelash mask -  This one involves more ingredients than the previous masks. You’ll need one teaspoon each of burdock oil, castor oil and aloe vera gel. Add two drops of vitamin E and A oils to the mixture as well to increase its efficacy.

Make sure you avoid contact of any of these oils with your eyes and this may cause irritation and tearing. Wipe away excess oil using a cotton ball. Remember to dab – never rub!

Bonus tip: Dab a super tiny amount of coconut oil to the skin around your eyes before going to sleep. Coconut oil is extremely nourishing and hydrating and I always wake up with fresh, bright eyes the next day after use.

Bonus: Download these 10 Aloe Vera Hair Gel Recipes for longer, stronger and healthier hair you'll fall in love with.

4. How is your diet?

Your diet plays a major role in determining the health of your hair, eyelashes, skin, nails and the rest of your body. If your diet lacks the nutrients your hair and skin need, chances are that your eyelashes will not be in the best health either.

There is a high possibility that your diet doesn’t have enough of key minerals, vitamins and other nutrients vital for eyelash growth. Some important nutrients required for healthy eyelashes include protein, vitamin A, B, C and E, zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium, omega 3s and many more.
Track down the common healthy sources of these nutrients and have more of them on a daily basis. Protein is most important because it’s a prime constituent of hair. You can get your protein from animal sources such as poultry, red meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Vegetarian sources of protein include nuts and seeds, vegetables, lentils and legumes, soy products and whole grains.

  • You can get your vitamin A from bright yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, squash, sweet potato and bell peppers.
  • Vitamin B sources include egg yolks, whole grains such as brown rice, oats and quinoa, soy products, nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables.
  • Vitamin C can be obtained from oranges, lemons, grapefruit, berries, guava, papaya, melons, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, sweet potato and kiwi.
  • Nuts, seeds and coconut oil are excellent sources of vitamin E that should be added to your daily meals.
  • Iron and magnesium can be found in green leafy veggies, lean red meat, eggs, dairy, lentils and fish. Nuts and seeds are rich sources of zinc and selenium.

5. Are you guilty of any health crimes?

Yes, I’m talking about sugar. Sugar is horrible for skin and hair health and causes premature aging. We all love cakes and chocolates and shakes but it is important to minimize foods that are bad for us and enjoy them in moderation. Have an occasional unhealthy treat but don’t have sugary desserts every day. I can’t stress enough on how traditional ways of eating are bad for you. Consider having healthy alternatives for traditional desserts. Blueberry muffins, homemade banana ice cream, yogurt with berries and dark chocolate shavings and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate are all examples of easy dessert ideas that are clean, healthy and made with real foods.

6. Be careful with the falsies

False lashes are amazing and can quickly transform an eye makeup look from cutesy to super sexy but it is important that you practice caution. False lashes come in all shapes, sizes and styles and they can be a fun way to enhance your look.

However, it can be easy to rip off your natural eyelashes while you take them off. Waterproof mascara can cause the same issue as it can be difficult to take off.

Therefore, make sure you use a makeup remover and a gentle cleanser to remove your eyelashes and eye makeup properly without causing eyelash breakage.

I usually dab a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover on my eyelids. Leave the cotton ball on your lid for a few seconds to allow the eyelash glue to loosen. This will allow the fake lashes to come off easily without the stickiness of the glue.

6. Manipulate with makeup

When it comes to enhancing your eye lashes, I always recommend making the least investment on these babies. I agree, it’s not natural and it can be easy to mess up but before you begin to stock up on Latisse (a prescription eyelash enhancing treatment worth around $150, which you’ll need every month) or getting eyelash extensions which is an investment of around $300-500 depending on the salon you visit – the eyelashes come off after a month, not a permanent solution either, I’d suggest you follow some good eyelash makeup tricks. They’re worth a shot and are super easy, trust me.

7. Make sure you curl

This step is crucial for beautiful eyelashes that really allow your eyes to pop. Curling your eyelashes help open up your eyes more as well. Clamp the curlers at the base, hold for a few seconds and flip them upwards. Hold for another few seconds and release for an intense look. Finish off by curling the tips of your eyelashes. If you don’t have an eyelash curler, you can also use a hot (not scalding!) spoon which can be heated by leaving it in some hot water or placing it in front of a hair dryer. You can also heat your eyelash curlers before use to make them more effective.

8. Use multiple mascaras

Instead of just applying several coats of your favorite waterproof mascara that often creates that clumpy, tired look, use two or three mascaras for a fuller and more dramatic effect.
First coat with a regular mascara and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara, L'oreal Voluminous Waterproof  is an excellent choice. Waterproof mascara is difficult to remove; therefore applying a coat of regular mascara first will make your life much easier. Make sure you wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes so that the lashes stay curled for longer.

Comb your lashes before and after using your mascara to separate them and to remove any residue.

You can follow this by applying a coat of lash fibers while your eyelashes are still wet with the previous mascara coat. Lash fibers lengthen and thicken eyelashes magnificently – they never let you down. Coat the white fibers with another trial of waterproof mascara.  Finally use an eyelash comb to brush off any clumps and separate the lashes and you’re done.

Many people recommend adding a coat of baby powder to eyelashes before applying the final coat of mascara but I’m not a huge fan of this trick because it doesn’t make a huge difference and can be slightly messy.

It can cause irritation as well if the powder goes into your eyes.

Don’t forget to apply mascara to your lower eyelashes for a finished look. Apply mascara horizontally and then hold the wand vertically to coat the lashes to make them look more natural.

9. Apply falsies

This step is optional but it makes the actual change to your entire look. False lashes are available in many sizes and styles, make sure you choose ones that suit your eyes best.

Your best bet would be to get eyelashes that are only slightly longer than your eyelashes as your aim is to add volume and lengthen. Using eyelashes that are way too long can be overly dramatic and distracting. Fake lashes can be trimmed as well.

In order to easily manipulate fake lashes, cut them into three sections. This helps in applying the lashes properly, without them popping out from the corners.

If you find it too difficult to apply fake lashes properly, line your lids with the eyelash glue instead of lining the lashes with it and wait until the glue is tacky. Apply the fake lashes with a pair of tweezers and line with a liquid eyeliner to cover the fake eyelash line.

Moreoever, a full fake eyelash strip is not a requirement. You can simply apply half a strip to the outer corner of your eyes for a more comfortable and elongated, cat-eye look.

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