The 8 Best Pregnancy Apps (Fertility Tracking & Pregnancy Tracking)

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July 11, 2017

We live in a world where there is an app for just about anything, and sometimes – it feels like there are too many apps. Which is the best? How do you choose?

This can definitely be the case in the large world of pregnancy apps.

The 8 Best Pregnancy Apps Fertility Tracking Pregnancy Tracking

I know you either want the top fertility app that will accurately and easily help you track your ovulation each month or you want the top pregnancy app that will give you exciting and informative information about each stage of your pregnancy.

That is why I have waded through the countless pregnancy apps and came up with:

  • The 4 very best apps that help you track your fertility and get pregnant
  • The 4 very best apps that help you track your pregnancy and understand the changes both you and the baby are going through

All are free; and all are available on both iTunes and Google Play.

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Read through the reviews to see which is the best for you, but be confident that any of them are solid options.

4 Top Fertility Apps For Getting Pregnant

woman pregnant pregnancy app fertility app

1. Glow: Fertility, Period and Ovulation Tracker App

iTunes & Google Play: Free + In-App Purchases

The Glow app tracks these factors…

  • Period
  • Sex
  • Symptoms
  • Mood
  • Medications

…to bring you this information on both a five-day calendar and a monthly calendar:

  • Peak fertility days
  • When to expect your period

You also can gain access to the “Glow Community” for support, sync with other apps (MyFitnessPal, for example), receive help and support for fertility treatments like IVF, and mirror the app’s information with your partner.

2. Kindara: Fertility & Ovulation Tracker

kindara fertility tracker 2

iTunes & Google Play: Free

Kindara uses over 50 tracking factors (like cervical fluid and basal body temperature) to help you know when it’s the prime time to get pregnant.

Not sure how to track all those factors? Not to worry. This app will teach you.

Using the Fertility Awareness Method, Kindara allows you to chart more quickly and efficiently than if you were just keeping a journal. Plus they will give you updates if they feel you are in perimnopause or may be suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.

If you are getting off birth control pills to become pregnant, Kindara specializes in helping you understand your body’s natural cycle after months (or years!) of a synthetic cycle.

Bonus: Download This Essential Fertility Health Checklist that will show you exactly how to enhance your fertility health quickly.

** Kindara also offers Wink, an oral fertility thermometer that will sync to the app. If you want to make the tracking process easier, Wink is $129 through the Kindara website.

3. Ovia: Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator

Ovia Fertility Tracker and Ovulation Calculator Fertility

iTunes & Google Play: Free

Each day Ovia will give you a fertility score showing you how likely you are to get pregnant. They also update you on what day you are on in your cycle and how many days until your next period.

Of course, when you enter information (like when you had sex, how high/low is your sex drive, blood pressure, etc.), Ovia will let you know where you are in terms of fertility. They will also clue you in if you are showing any signs of early pregnancy.

Beyond setting only pregnancy goals, Ovia allows you to set goals for:

  • BMI/weight loss or gain
  • Exercise routines
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep

This app will also tell you if you may have any health conditions that would cause fertility issues, provide in-time notifications or alerts based on your symptoms, offer a wide variety of information and articles, and give you detailed summaries and stats from your week.

4. Fertility Friend Ovulation and Period Tracker

Fertility Friend ovulation calendar

iTunes & Google Play: Free + In-App Purchases

Fertility Friend offers four main areas of support:

  • Calculates ovulation
  • Charts your fertility
  • Tracks your period
  • Creates a menstrual calendar

This app really focuses on education to give you all the knowledge you need to understand what is happening to your body as you try to conceive.

An optional alarm will sound each day to remind you to enter your data and remind you to take your morning basal body temperature.

Then you can easily share your fertility chart with your partner, so he can be a part of the process too.

4 Top Pregnancy Apps For Understanding Your Baby’s Development

1. BabyCenter: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development Calendar

iTunes & Google Play: Free

BabyCenter’s pregnancy app gives you day-by-day and week-by-week looks at your baby’s development, along with helpful tips for each stage of your pregnancy. This includes:

  • Expert videos on fetal development
  • A pregnancy calendar
  • A due date countdown
  • Food ideas
  • Pregnancy exercises
  • Weekly checklists
  • Tips on dealing with symptoms like morning sickness
  • Information on prenatal vitamins and healthy weight gain
  • Name finder tool
  • Baby kick counter
  • Checklist for baby registry items
  • Birth clubs in your area

Once your baby has arrived, the BabyCenter app turns into a helpful guide for new parents. These features include sleep and feeding guides, baby health articles, breastfeeding support, and activity ideas.

2. What To Expect: Pregnancy & Baby

Pregnancy Tracker

iTunes & Google Play: Free

Based off the popular book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” this pregnancy app gives you updates based on your due date.

You can learn about your baby’s development and know what size it is based on fruit sizes. You get daily pregnancy tips, health news, and real life stories from parents. And you can learn about your own changing body.

Not only will the app provide helpful videos show you what you can expect each week, it will also connect you with other women in that exact same week. This way you have a supportive community that knows exactly what you are going through day by day.

3. Totally Pregnant: A Total Pregnancy Experience

Totally Pregnant App

iTunes + Google Play: Free + In-App Purchases

Totally Pregnant focuses on giving you all the information you need to know for each week of your pregnancy – and not inundating you with anything else than that.

Each week you will get 3D videos of your growing baby and tips for the phase you are in

(morning sickness help early on, what type of baby items you will want to buy later on, etc.)

On top of the weekly information, Totally Pregnant will also:

  • Show videos from real-life moms who discuss what it was like to go through the week of pregnancy that you are in right now
  • Give you access to community and discussion groups for support
  • Allow you sign up for prenatal and birth classes online
  • Help you create a birth plan with their worksheet
  • Keep a record of your bump photos, ultrasounds, and important documents

4. Glow Nurture: Pregnancy Tracker, Baby Calendar

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker Baby Calendar

iTunes & Google Play: Free + In-App Purchases

If you used the Glow fertility app with success, you can make the easy transition over to the Glow Nurture app once you are pregnant.

You will get a calendar based on your due date that helps you see animations of what your baby looks like and informative articles on what you are dealing with at that time.

You also get unique tracker functions like:

  • A Health Awareness Log
  • Reminders for appointments, mediations, etc.
  • Daily tasks for a healthier pregnancy
  • Medical logs

As a bonus, you can email yourself a PDF report of all your symptoms, weight, meds, and all other health data related to your pregnancy. This can be a great document to give to your OBGYN or midwife.

Once you have the baby, the app turns into a “4th trimester” app to support you through the postpartum phase.

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