Best Cooling Bras to Relieve The Most Severe Hot Flash Symptoms

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March 7, 2017

Hot flashes are among the most pervasive and unpleasant of all menopause symptoms. If you experience them, I hardly need to tell you that. You are already intimately familiar with that blazing feeling in your core that scalds over your neck and face, drenching you with sweat and setting your heart pounding.

Hot flashes can drive you crazy during the day and cause you to lose sleep during the night. In short, they can wear you out in no time. And quite often it feels like there is no end in sight.

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But what if there were a way you could put out those fires and get back to feeling like yourself?

One way to prevent hot flashes to some degree and reduce their severity and duration is to invest in cooling products.

Since that internal furnace often feels like it is centered right in your core, it makes sense to shop for cooling bras for menopause.

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Here is the thing, though. While you might think that there are should be a ton of different products in this category, your options are actually pretty restricted, even shopping online.

I’m going to introduce you to some products which you can purchase, but as you will see, not all of them are actually designed for menopause. In fact, most of them are not.

I will also give you a few alternatives to consider.

Cooling Inserts for Bras

The first type of product to consider is cooling inserts designed specifically for use in your bra. Here are a couple of examples:

  • My Breast Friend: These self-cooling breast pads do not need to be refrigerated, which is quite convenient since you can carry them with you in your purse and insert them when you need them, even on the go. Each one provides you with six hours of cooling comfort. Each is a one-time use item.
  • Polar Products Bra Coolers: These bra inserts cool down to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling kit includes two sets of cooling packs and a pair of cotton covers. Unlike the inserts above, these ones do need to be cooled down in a freezer or refrigerator. They provide cooling for up to an hour, and are fully reusable.

If you search around, you can find other bra inserts like these, but you will quickly discover they are actually not all that popular. Many of them receive mixed reviews. Why?

User complaints vary, but a couple common charges are:

  • They are not as efficient at providing cooling as the buyers had hoped.
  • They are inconvenient, either because they need to be activated, or because they must continuously be replaced (in the case of disposable inserts).
  • They are uncomfortable, sliding around inside the bra and causing chafing.

Should you try these products or not? They are pretty affordable, so if you think that you can wear them comfortably, you may as well. Some products are even available in multiple sizes, so you can pick one which will fit well in your bra.

But if you find that they chafe, you might want to try a different option such as a bra liner or a bra designed to help you stay cool (more on both of those shortly).

General Purpose Cold Inserts

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What if you like the idea of a bra insert, but you are not happy with any of the products which are actually designed for menopause cooling?

There are other options if you look beyond products which were specifically designed for menopause.

For example, consider the Coldfront product. These are general-purpose cold inserts which can be used for hot flashes, migraines, heat intolerance, exercise, and a myriad other purposes. Each one stays cold for up to 12 hours and is fully reusable. You can clean them easily using a damp cloth with a little mild soap. They come with a convenient carrying case which stays fully dry. That way you can set it down even next to your mobile device or laptop without a problem—perfect if you want to carry the inserts around in your purse with your smartphone.

You may very well find that a product like this works even better than those specifically designed for menopause—and that it is more comfortable to wear.

Just make sure that if you do choose an all-purpose cold pack like this that you consider its dimensions. Make sure it will keep a sufficiently low profile in your bra if you will be wearing it out of the house.

Bra Liners

Cold packs are not your only option when it comes to coping wit hot flashes. You can also purchase a set of bra liners.

A bra liner is simply a cotton liner which you wear under your bra. It is designed to wick moisture away from your skin, preventing rashes. Some liners are single use items, but many can be machine-washed and worn time and again.

A bra liner obviously is not going to cool you down like a cold pack, but it can certainly help pull perspiration away from your skin. This can help you to stay dry and comfortable.

Here are a couple of bra liner products to consider:

  • Set of 3 Bra Liners: This is a budget option; you can purchase these for $10-$15. They are made out of 100% cotton and are designed to wick moisture and prevent chafing. While they are very popular, the consensus rating is around 3 stars out of 5. Some customers report that they tend to slip and bunch up. If they fit you well, they could be a great option for saving money—but if they fit you poorly, you may need to try another set of liners.
  • Wick'em Sensitive Skin Bra Liner: This is a more highly rated bra liner, selling for $15-$25. While it costs more than the set of bra liners above, it appears that on average, more customers find it comfortable to wear.       The liner is dye-free and made entirely out of natural stretch bamboo with 100% cotton fill. Of course, they still do not fit every customer perfectly—but most buyers say that they are very comfortable and perfect for sensitive skin.

Bra liners are a great low profile solution, and can be worn along with cooling packs if necessary. You may find however that just one solution or the other provides you with the relief you need. If your hot flashes are not too intense, but you are tired of being sweaty, a dependable bra liner can make all the difference in the world.

Bras Designed to Help You Stay Cool

There is one more option you can try and which you might overlook—and that is a bra which is simply designed to keep you cool throughout the day.

It is easy to miss this idea because these bras are not necessarily designed for menopause. They are great for anyone with heat intolerance or an active lifestyle. That being said, they can go a long way toward making menopause less uncomfortable.

Here are a few popular and highly rated products to consider:

  • Vanity Fair Women’s Cooling Touch Wirefree Bra: This bra has 4 out of 5 stars and quite a few reviews from happy customers online. The price can range anywhere from $14-$40, so if you manage to find it on sale, you are getting a fantastic deal. It is available in a number of different colors: black, white, beige, champagne, light green, lavender, and pink. Materials are 86% nylon and 14% spandex. The Wincool fabric diffuses heat from your body and helps to wick away sweat. The lightweight, breathable design does even more to increase your comfort. This bra is best if you have a larger cup size.
  • Playtex Women’s Secrets Breathable Cool Shaping Bra: This bra is about as popular as the one above, and likewise has a consensus rating of 4 out of 5 stars. You can buy it in the $10-$40 range. Colors available include black, white, beige, dark blue, aqua blue, and pale iris. Materials include nylon, spandex, and polyester. Thin foam cups wick away moisture while keeping your bra lightweight and breathable.
  • Curvation Women’s Comfort Essentials Cooling Bra: This bra is also around as popular as the two above, and is likewise rated with 4 out of 5 stars. You can purchase it in the $14-$20 range, making it one of the lowest-cost popular options. The bra is made out of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, and is designed to feel cool to the touch while wicking moisture away. Many customers say that it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bra that will stretch with your movements and not feel constricting—something else that can increase your comfort during a hot flash.
  • Olga Women’s Play It Cool Wirefree Bra: This bra has a consensus rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and has been rated by even more customers than the bras I just shared with you. The price range is quite large—anywhere from $14-$90. Color choices include white, dark grey, light purple and “toasted almond.” Materials are 51% nylon, 37% polyester, and 12% spandex. Chill FX™ lining inside the cups wicks moisture while cooling you down. Notably, this is a wire free bra, and yet customers say it provides excellent support—something very hard to find without a wire, especially for larger cup sizes.
  • Playtex Women’s Active Lifestyle Bra: This is the most popular bra to make my recommendation list by far, with well over a thousand buyers providing feedback. The consensus rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. The price ranges between $9-$40 depending on the options you choose and where you buy it. Color options include black, white, beige, nude, lilac, and periwinkle. The back is 91% polyester and 9% spandex, while the cups, sling, sand straps are 100% polyester. This is a sports bra, designed for comfort and made from moisture-wicking fabric. Customers report that this bra works great for keeping their clothing dry while working out—so imagine how helpful it could be when you are having a hot flash!

If your mild flashes are not too severe, you may find that simply wearing a moisture-wicking bra is enough to control your perspiration and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

If you are still having problems with sweat and heat, you can try pairing one of these bras with a bra liner and/or cool insert.

Other Cooling Products to Try for Menopause

You’ve probably realized by now there really is no perfect solution when it comes to shopping for a cooling bra for menopause. For many people, some combination of the products above can go a long way toward providing comfort during hot flashes. But what if it is not enough?

There are many other useful cooling products you can buy for menopause:

  • A cooling pillow for your bed
  • A cooling towel
  • A mattress pad which is designed to stay cool during the night
  • A cooling bandana or scarf which you can wear on the go
  • A moisture-wicking nightgown

There are many excellent products in all of these categories. To learn more about them, be sure to check out my article on Cooling Products for Menopause.

If you find cooling bra inserts uncomfortable, you might find it is a better option to simply wear a moisture-wicking bra and a cooling scarf or bandana. That way you do not need to deal with anything slipping or chafing inside your bra, but you still get a strong cooling effect and relief from the sweating.

Don’t Give Up—You Can Cool Down!

It can be discouraging trying to find the right products for menopause; quite often it boils down to trial and error, since there is no guarantee that the products which work well for one woman will necessarily work well for another.

Still, if you stick with popular and highly rated products, you should find that there are many cooling solutions out there which can help you to feel more comfortable. So don’t give up your search! While you are at it, I suggest taking an herbal supplement for menopause. This will help to balance your hormones, which in turn should reduce the frequency and severity of your hot flashes.

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