Don't Try Another Bladder Infection Treatment Before You Try This One First

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December 12, 2017

When you get a bladder infection, what do you do? My guess is that you head to the doctor’s office and get a round of antibiotics. In a few days, your symptoms go away.

And in a few more days, your infection is gone. So you’re all better, right? Maybe.

For some people, the occasional – often even rare – UTI is conveniently dealt with by easy antibiotics. But for other people, a bladder infection pops right back up again. One right after the other.

This also means one round of antibiotics after the other.

So not only are you continually getting UTIs, but now you’re also suffering from the ill effects of too many antibiotics. This could include:

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  • Yeast infections
  • Upset stomach and/or diarrhea
  • Leaky gut symptoms

Not to mention the very serious side effects of too many antibiotics like antibiotic resistance and imbalanced gut flora.

If this is you, you have recurrent bladder infections (also called chronic UTIs) and finding the right treatment can be extremely difficult.

So before you get another bladder infection, it’s time to learn about a different kind of UTI treatment. It’s all natural. It’s effective. It’s scientifically backed. And it just may prevent you from having to take more antibiotics.

I’m talking about a supplement that combines the power of two all-natural key ingredients – D-mannose and hibiscus extract – into one urinary tract cleanse that will help you fight UTIs by combatting E. coli and promoting a healthy bladder.

Let’s learn more about how each can make your recurrent bladder infections a thing of the past.

D-Mannose Helps Remove UTI Bacteria

First up we have D-mannose. To understand how this supplement works, you have to understand more about UTIs.

UTIs come about when bacteria enters the urinary tract for some reason. This can be externally from sex or from wiping from back to front after using the bathroom. It can also be internally like when you have a kidney stone that does not allow urine to fully flush out the urinary tract.

When that bacteria essentially “sticks” to the walls of the bladder, it can grow and multiply leaving you with a UTI.

This is where D-mannose comes in.

This all-natural sugar will “stick” to the bacteria better than the bacteria can “stick” to your bladder. So the D-mannose grabs on to the bacteria and you can successfully flush it away with your regular urine production.

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Studies back up the effectiveness of D-mannose. In fact, one study in particular looked at over 300 women with recurrent bladder infections. They were split into three groups: one received D-mannose, one received antibiotics, and the final group did not have any treatment.

Around one-third of the women had another UTI. The most – 62 – came from the group with no treatment. That’s unsurprising; UTIs really do need some sort of treatment. Now that leaves us with the antibiotic group and the D-mannose group. Any idea which faired better?

Only 15 ladies from the D-mannose group had another infection while 21 from the antibiotics group did. On top of that success, the D-mannose group had far fewer side effects than the antibiotics group

That’s because D-mannose is a safe, long-term solution for those who suffer from recurrent bladder infections.

Hibiscus Helps Fight UTI Bacteria

hibiscus for urinary tract infection

But D-mannose is not the only UTI-fighter in this wonderful treatment. We also have hibiscus.

That beautiful tropical flower that also makes delicious tea just happens to be an impressive health therapy as well. Its antioxidant benefits support everything from the kidneys, immune system and heart, plus it helps conditions like diabetes and kidney stones.  

And it just so happens to be a wonderful anti-UTI solution. In fact, people have been using hibiscus in this way in homeopathic medicine for generations. Hibiscus extract has antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antifungal properties. And these were put to the test against two common types of UTI bacteria: E. coli (by far the most common in urinary tract infections) and staph. Multiple studies have come out to show Hibiscus is has real antibacterial activity against these UTI bacteria strains.

Beyond these two bacteria types, there is also something else that could be causing your recurrent bladder infections: candida albicans. This is actually a fungal urinary tract infection. Since hibiscus also has antifungal properties, one study paired the two and found:

“The results of the study support the potential effect of H. sabdariffa extract for preventing recurrent candiduria and emphasize the significance of the plant extract approach as a potential antifungal agent.”

And since we already learned hibiscus does a great job at boosting your immune system, it can help your infection heal more quickly in that way as well.

You can enjoy hibiscus in tea form during your UTI. But it is going to be most effective in a concentrated supplement form when you need immediate support.

Combining The Two

When you combine the power of these two key ingredients, you get the best of both worlds.

If you are dealing with the frustration of chronic UTIs, simply take 2 capsules once a day along with a meal and a glass of water for immediate support.

While you are in this phase, make sure to drink plenty of H2O throughout the day. Even though using the bathroom hurts, you need to flush out you bladder.

To help with the pain, avoid inflammatory foods like spicy food, citrus, alcohol, or caffeine; use a heating pad over your lower abdomen, and take some over-the-counter pain meds until your symptoms start improving.

Who Shouldn’t Take D-mannose or Hibiscus

Overall, these are both considered safe for the general population. But here are a few groups of people who should talk to their doctor first:

  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant: Neither one of these natural supplements have been thoroughly tested during pregnancy. Hibiscus has the potential of possibly causing a miscarriage. Since there is no detailed info during pregnancy, talk to your doctor
  • Diabetics: Both of these supplements may cause issues for those with diabetes. D-mannose can make it harder to control your blood sugar and hibiscus can decrease blood sugar. If you want to take these supplements for recurrent bladder infections, do so under medical supervision
  • Men and women with low blood pressure: Hibiscus may lower your blood pressure. For those with high blood pressure, this could be an added bonus. But for those with already low blood pressure, you may run into a problem.
  • Men and women heading into surgery: Your doctor may want you to stop taking supplements a couple weeks before surgery, so make sure you give him or her a detailed list of all the supplements you are currently taking – including D-mannose and hibiscus extract.

Of course, if you have any medical condition you’re concerned about that’s not on this list, you should talk to your doctor before starting any natural regimen.

Can You Say Goodbye To UTI Antibiotics Forever?


We have seen just how well the combo of D-mannose and hibiscus extract can work to promote urinary balance and fight UTIs. But does that mean you’ll never have to take antibiotics for bladder infections again?

It honestly depends on your body.

If your UTI moves up into your kidneys – or is showing any sign of moving up toward your kidneys – you will absolutely need to go in for antibiotics. Where bladder infections can be painful, inconvenient, and frustrating, kidney infections can be downright dangerous.

At this point, you will definitely need antibiotics.

Also, if your next UTI symptoms just won’t go away, go in and get antibiotics as well. Sometimes infections need to be treated in this way so they don’t grow into larger problems.

Other Steps To Take Alongside All-Natural Supplements

While you are taking D-mannose and hibiscus extract, you should also make sure to make other lifestyle changes to help prevent any more UTIs.

Some of the best ways to avoid bladder infections includes:

  • Drinking plenty of water every single day (You need adequate hydration to consistently flush your bladder with urine)
  • Going to the bathroom every time you need to (Allowing urine to sit in your bladder for too long allows bacteria to sit in your bladder for too long)
  • Using the bathroom right after sex (Though UTIs are not contagious, the movement of sex can encourage bacteria to enter a woman’s urethra)
  • Switching to non-spermicide birth control (And don’t forget about trading the spermicide coated condoms for regular condoms)
  • Taking a probiotic (Good bacteria can help your body recover from the too many rounds of antibiotics, plus it can)
  • Wiping from front to back
  • Not sitting in wet clothes for too long
  • Getting plenty of vitamin C

D-mannose, Hibiscus, and Your Urinary Tract

So if you are sick of getting a UTI, taking antibiotics, getting another UTI, and taking more antibiotics – it’s time to change up your routine. Try these all-natural options that have been backed by science to help you say goodbye to recurrent bladder infections (and all the problems of antibiotics).

And remember to think of these as long-term solutions. Continue to take them (as long as you have the okay by your doctor!) to help heal up and rebalance your urinary tract after it has dealt with so many infections.

There is hope for these recurrent bladder infections. Combine these two powerful all-natural treatments with some lifestyle changes so you can find relief soon.


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