Fighting Kidney Stones with Chanca Piedra Tea

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November 16, 2017

If you’ve had one kidney stone, you know you never want one again.

They are excruciating, and I’m positive you’d do just about anything to either prevent another one or make the passing process go more easily.

Fighting Kidney Stones with Chanca Piedra Tea

What if a way to feel better was as simple as sipping on a warm mug of tea? Maybe it is.

There is a traditional herb that has been used to both treat and prevent kidney stones for centuries: Chanca Piedra. And it’s a major kidney stone game changer.

You may have seen chanca piedra tea being sold at your local health food store, but you weren’t sure when to use it, how to use it, or if it even worked. So here’s everything you need to know about chanca Piedra and chanca Piedra tea.

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What Is Chanca Piedra?

Modern medicine is very new when you consider how many years humans have been living on this planet. Before there were prescriptions, we had to figure out ways to heal and protect our bodies using what nature had to offer.

Chanca piedra was how people have been treating both kidney stones and gallstones for generations. In fact, chanca piedra use can be traced back to the indigenous people in the amazon. This is an herb made from the whole plant.

Though chanca piedra has been used for other treatments like reducing swelling and improving digestive tract problems, “Chanca Piedra” literally translates to “stone breaker.” And that’s exactly what every kidney stone sufferer wants.

How Does Chanca Piedra Help Break Stones?

The amazing thing about this herb is its long, long history of use is now being supported by modern medical studies. The research shows that chanca piedra is incredible at both preventing and treating kidney stones. Here are some of the ways it works:

  • Diminishes the amount of stone-causing substances in your urine (like calcium, oxalate, or uric acid)
  • Limits the crystals from being able to collect together (when too much of those stone-causing substances join together)
  • Stops and slows down stones as they begin to form
  • Changes the actual composition and structure of the stone to make it easier to pass
  • Relaxes your ureters (which is the narrowest and often most painful part of the urinary tract for passing a stone)
  • Helps clear out the remaining fragments if you have used shock wave therapy to break up a large stone

It’s important to mention that the scientific review that came up with that list of chanca piedra benefits also found that there are no noted toxic side effects.

There are many other studies supporting this herb. One in particular showed chanca piedra’s ability to prevent stones from popping up in the first place, as it prevents those crystals from forming.

Another study showed how chanca Piedra could reduce the calcium content in the urine. And since calcium-oxalate stones are the most common type of kidney stone, this is fabulous news.

Chanca Piedra Tea 101

chanca piedra

So now that we clearly see how chanca Piedra can really be a lifesaver when you get a kidney stone (or if you want to prevent another kidney stone), what’s the best way to take it?

One common choice is through a chanca piedra tea. Since this is an herb, it can be ground down into small, dried leaves that can easily be brewed. Many people consider the flavor to be “earthy.” Some love it; some don’t.

If you are interested in trying chanca piedra tea to help with your kidney stones, you have three main options:

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Chanca Piedra Tea Option #1

The easiest way to make chanca Piedra tea is to simply buy prepackaged chanca Piedra tea bags. You should be able to find this at most health food stores, but you can definitely find it online. Just follow the directions box or bag for proper brewing and proportions.

Chanca Piedra Tea Option 2

Another option is brewing your own chanca Piedra tea from the leaves themselves. If you can find the dried chanca piedra leaves, simply add them to a tea ball and allow it to seep in hot water for around 15 minutes.

Chanca Piedra Tea Option 3

Some Chanca Piedra brands offer this powerful herb in powder form, which you can just add directly to your hot water. Think of it like “instant chanca piedra.”

Chanca Piedra Tea Tips

  • Chanca Piedra is somewhat of a diuretic, so make sure you drink an extra glass of water after you’ve had your tea. Lack of proper hydration can actually lead to more stones.
  • If you do not love the flavor of the chanca piedra tea by itself, you can add all sorts of other herbs or ingredients to make it taste good. The Leaf TV blog recommends vanilla beans, goji berries, cat’s claw, mangosteen, or honey. A squeeze of lemon juice is nice too since lemon can help break up kidney stones too. Cinnamon can be a tasty combo with the earthy flavor.

Should You Take A Chanca Piedra Supplement Instead?

woman taking supplements

If you are in the midst of dealing with a painful kidney stone or gallstone, you may not be very interested in taking the time to prep tea throughout the day.

Luckily, chanca piedra also comes in supplement form.

I take two capsules daily when I need immediate support.

Who Shouldn’t Take Chanca Piedra

For both the tea and the supplement, there are a few groups of people who should talk to their doctor before taking any chanca piedra:

  • Pregnant women: Though kidney stones during pregnancy are rare, they still happen. Chanca piedra may be unsafe during pregnancy and even increase the chances of birth defects or early delivery.
  • Diabetics: It is possible that chanca piedra alters blood sugar levels, so always consult with your doctor first.
  • Surgery: If you are about to go into surgery, inform your doctor/surgical team if you have been taking chanca piedra. There is a chance it could slow the blood clotting. They may want you to stop taking it for a couple weeks before your surgery.

Chanca Piedra and Your Kidneys

Whether you choose the chanca piedra tea, a chanca Piedra supplement, or both – you can rest assured that this herb has been shown to be effective again and again. It is a fabulous, all-natural way to help this extremely painful problem.


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