Gorgeous Hair is the Best Revenge

September 6, 2016

Hair doesn't make the woman, but good hair definitely helps. And gorgeous hair is even better 😉

As a beauty editor, I’m always looking for new products and techniques that I can recommend to readers for hair growth. My latest discovery didn’t come from anywhere I would have expected; it wasn’t a blog, an article in another magazine, or a research study or advertisement for a designer hair product. It was my co-worker, Kirsten.

This is my co-worker, Kirsten.

I witnessed an amazing transformation. In a few weeks she added length to her hair, and it had utterly changed. It was now soft, silky, smooth, and had plenty of volume and body.

I was astonished. I needed to know how she grew her hair so long in such a short amount of time. What did she know that I didn't? What were her hair secrets?

1. Kick your bad hair habits.

What are your worst hair habits?  Let's cut out all the following bad hair habits:

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  • Blow-drying (this is one of the WORST things you can do to your hair; it dries out all the oils and causes breakage!).
  • Too much shampoo (only shampoo her hair a couple of times a week now).
  • Washing her hair every day (wear a shower cap most of the time now).

The beauty industry has sold us all on the idea that we need to buy pricey shampoos and conditioners and wash our hair everyday. In reality, those shampoos dry out your hair, which is the only reason you need the conditioner—to repair that self-inflicted damage. So do yourself a huge favor, and break the cycle! Your hair will be happy you did. 


2. Only trim when you need to.

You don’t really need a trim every 6-8 weeks. Hair grows at the roots, not the ends.

Trimming doesn’t make your hair grow faster; it just gets rid of the growth. Only trim enough to get rid of split ends.

3. Switch to natural products that support healthy hair growth.

Kirsten taught me trimming doesn’t make your hair grow faster. She would know, look at that long gorgeous hair! 

It’s time to say “no more!” to those overpriced salon products that are loaded with artificial chemicals. Seriously, look up some of your favorite hair products sometime online and check out the ingredients. A lot of them aren’t just bad for your hair, they are hazardous for your health!

What should you be using? Look for an all-natural shampoo and conditioner set. In fact, if you get a quality shampoo that doesn’t dry out your hair, you may not even need to buy a conditioner.

In fact, one simple organic solution you may have waiting in your kitchen cabinet is coconut oil. It’s cheap, lasts for ages, and will make your hair silky smooth and add a lustrous shine.

It’s a perfect replacement for your costly leave-in conditioner.

It’s time to say “no more!” to those overpriced salon products that are loaded with artificial chemicals.

4. Take vitamins for hair growth.

Healthy hair vitamins support your hair from the inside, ideally a mix of vitamins, herbs, and other hair building ingredients. Within a few weeks you'll notice significant changes.

It’s been a couple of months now since Kirsten hit the three-month marker with her natural hair care techniques. She’s kept up with the vitamins, her dietary changes, and her new hair care routines, and she hasn’t gone back to those artificial commercial shampoos. Her hair is looking more and more fabulous every day, and she’s already tacked on yet another full inch.

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