How Long Do UTIs Last & What You Can Do Right Now To Speed Up Your Recovery Time

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August 18, 2017

Urinary tract infections are fairly common, though women get them way more than men do. And most of the time they are perfectly safe without any complications. But they sure do feel uncomfortable!

That burning pain each time you urinate (which seems to be happening all day long) really hurts.


I’m sure you cannot wait for it to be over. But just how long do UTI's last? And how can you soothe your urinary tract pain faster?

Here's what you'll learn in this post: (feel free to click on the links to jump to the next section to save time.)

Read on as I tell you exactly how long a regular UTI, a complicated UTI, and chronic UTIs should last.

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We’ll go over when your symptoms should start disappearing and when it is safe to have sex again (as well as some red flags to watch out for).Then I’ll wrap it up with a few steps you can take to speed up your UTI recovery time.

The Regular UTI

Woman Uti pain


For most people who have a regular ol’ UTI, the entire experience should be over in a week.

But there’s even better news. The worst part – all that pain and the uncomfortable negative symptoms – should not last more than a day or two once you have started a round of antibiotics. These symptoms may include:

  • Burning while urinating
  • Pain while urinating
  • Frequent urgency to urinate, even though very little urine comes out each time
  • Bloody or cloudy urine
  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in the bladder area, the groin, or the lower abdomen

Here’s a rundown of a typical UTI:

  • Normally you will feel the initial UTI symptoms (day 1)
  • Then you see your doctor (day 2)
  • After day or two, you start to feel better (day 4)
  • Finally, you finish up your antibiotics a few days later (day 7)

Make sure to finish the entire round of antibiotics. Don’t stop once you feel better. Otherwise the infection will pop back up and you will extend the time out even longer – maybe even double it.

If your UTI symptoms are lasting longer than a few days, if they worsen, or if you develop fever and/or chills, you should absolutely head back to the doctor because you probably have our next point: a complicated UTI.

The Complicated UTI

woman uti pain

Most UTIs have zero complications. But a few can lead to more problems. If you experience any issues with your UTI, the time it takes to heal up can grow.

One way this can happen is if your UTI moves up your kidneys and creates a kidney infection.

Expect at least another 48 hours of negative symptoms – though severe kidney infections can take a few days to feel better (possibly including some hospital time).

If your UTI stems from other problems like kidney stones, for example, your healing time could be a bit longer too.

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The Chronic UTI

The average person who gets UTIs will have one, maybe a few, over the course of their lifetime. But some people have chronic UTIs, also known as recurrent bladder infections. This is when one urinary tract infection pops up after another. Chronic UTIs are much more common among women.

The length of each individual infection should probably be just as long as any other regular UTI. What draws out the time so much is the fact that they often come back to back. Chronic  sufferers can get many of them over the course of months – and sometimes even years.

Most doctors will put these patients on long-term antibiotic use. For some, it helps. For others, it creates more problems as the antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in the body. Building up an antibiotic resistance is also a possibility.

So as I will mention below, taking natural supplements like D-mannose over too many antibiotics may be the lifesaver for chronic UTI suffers.

But What About Sex?

Some people want to know how long a UTI is going to last so they can know when to expect the symptoms to go away.

Some people want to know how long a UTI will last so they can know when to have sex again.

As I talked about above, your UTI symptoms will dissipate relatively quickly. But keep in mind your genitals are right next to your urethra and bladder. All that movement is very irritating to a healing urinary tract. Try to give your body the full week to recover completely.

This has nothing to do with being contagious. UTIs cannot be passed back and forth. It’s all about allowing your body to heal.

Ways To Speed Up Healing Your UTI Right Now

D Mannose for chronic UTI pain

For the most part, UTIs just have to run their course. But there are a few steps you can take to speed up your recovery and make sure you feel better in the process.

1. Drink your H20

Urine is the urinary tract’s flushing system. You want to make sure you are creating a lot of urine and passing a lot of urine when you have an infection (even though urinating will be painful for a couple of days). Water should be your #1 drink during this time. Avoid alcohol or coffee since they dehydrate you. Also avoid sugary drinks.

2. Take natural supplements

Both D-mannose and hibiscus extract have been shown to fight against the types of bacteria that cause UTIs. In fact, if you are dealing with chronic UTIs, getting on a D-mannose regimen may be more effective than long-term antibiotic use.

You can try a natural supplement that contains D-mannose and hibiscus extract if you're looking for an effective solution to soothe your urinary tract infection and prevent UTI's from coming back.

If you're dealing with a UTI right now then you would never want to replicate that pain ever again so it's always worth to prevent it from happening.

A pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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3. Limit irritating foods

While you are dealing with a UTI, you may want to 7 Best Foods That Beat Out UTIs. This includes citrus fruits or spicy foods. Here is yet another reason to get rid of the coffee and alcohol until you are fully recovered.

4. Rest up

If you had a throat infection, you would probably take a day or two to rest up. A UTI is still an infection. Take it easy and get extra sleep. Use over the counter pain medications as necessary, and try a heating pad if you are having lower abdominal pain.

Getting Over A UTI

You should feel pretty hopeful. Unless you end up with a kidney infection or recurrent bladder infections (both of which are uncommon), you should feel pretty great in no time.

If anything ever seems off or strange during your UTI – if it is lasting too long or getting too uncomfortable – just go see your doctor.


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