How to Use Boswellia Extract For Asthma Help

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February 6, 2018

One in 12 people have asthma – that means around 8% of the population struggles to breathe on a regular basis.

And when you struggle to get something as basic and essential as oxygen, you are pretty much desperate for any solution you can find.

How to Use Boswellia Extract For Asthma Help

Normally, asthmatics turn to plenty of prescription medications – and this is exactly the right thing for them to do. These are lifesaving medications. But asthmatics can forget that there are also some all-natural solutions that can come alongside their rescue inhalers and make breathing less of a difficulty.

One of these all-natural solutions is a plant called boswellia – it’s more popular name is frankincense.

I’m about to show you how this plant can lessen your asthma symptoms and even reduce the number of asthma attacks you experience each year.

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But please keep this in mind before we move on: You’re about to see how boswellia may be a really important all-natural supplement to take for your asthma. But do not think that this will ever take the place of your emergency asthma medication. Keep your inhaler or any other prescription which can save your life in the moment of an asthma attack.

What Is Boswellia?

Boswellia is a plant that comes from Asia – particularly India – and it is used to make Indian frankincense. Most of us have heard of frankincense from the Christmas story in the Bible, but this natural medicinal has had a long history outside of that story.

This resin of this plant has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years, though it is most prevalent in Ayurvedic medicine. By putting slashes into the tree and allowing the sap to flow out and eventually harden, we are able to receive the boswellia resin for medicinal and therapeutic use.

Its uses are extremely versatile:

  • Arthritis/joint pain
  • Reproductive/hormonal issues
  • Digestive problems
  • Emotional health

And – as we are about to see – asthma.

How Boswellia Can Help Asthma


To best understand how boswellia can keep you breathing with ease you have to understand what asthma really is. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease.

You see, inflammation is something that’s actually supposed to help you. It plays a role in injury healing, fight or flight, and more. It’s a tool of the immune system. But inflammation so often goes overboard in our bodies. And we end up with conditions like:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • And many, many more

Asthma, also called bronchial asthma, is another one of these diseases that spring from inflammation issues within your body.

Now Boswellia enters the picture.

This herb has anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit something called leukotrienes.

Leukotrines are the main culprit behind your bronchial tubes constricting. They play a role in acute asthma attacks as well as the long-term issues associated with asthma.

The medical world has been creating drugs that block or interfere with these leukotrienes in order to reduce symptoms and asthma attack frequency. But ancient natural medicine has been doing this for years with boswellia.

The Science Behind Boswellia and Asthma

Researchers have taken this idea and tested it in human trials. Overall, the treatment has shown great success. Here are a few examples:

Study #1

One study looked at 23 men and 17 women between the ages of 18 and 75. Each had bronchial asthma. All of the participants were given 300 mg of boswellia gum resin 3 times a day for 6 weeks. The results were incredible. 70% of these people improved. Their symptoms disappeared or were lessened, including difficulty breathing and chest rattling. The number of attacks went down as well.

The Science Behind Boswellia and Asthma

The researchers concluded that “the data show a definite role of gum resin of Boswellia serrata in the treatment of bronchial asthma.”

Study #2

The University of Michigan also cites a train where those with acute bronchial asthma too boswellia in a powered extract form. These participants also had fewer asthma attacks in general – and their breathing ability improved.

Study #3

One more study looked at 63 patients who had bronchial asthma. One group received a capsule that combined boswellia with licorice root and turmeric. The other group only received a placebo. The boswellia group ended up with a “statistically significant decrease” in markers that lead to bronchial asthma, including leukotrienes.

The Science Behind Boswellia and Asthma_2

How To Take Boswellia For Asthma

So it’s quite clear that boswellia can help your asthma, so how should you be taking it? The best way to boswellia for asthma is in a supplement form regularly.

My favorite way to use boswellia is in combination with other all-natural supplements that support the respiratory system and help me breathe. Other great choices for allergies and asthma are:

  • Quercetin: This antioxidant can actually block allergens to improve breathing and other allergy symptoms
  • Nettle extract: This supplement acts as an anti-inflammatory for the airways in your respiratory system
  • Coleus Forskohlii extract: This plant behaves like an antihistamine (think Benadryl, but all-natural)
  • Butterbar extract: This plant also behaves like an antihistamine – without the drowsiness
  • Vitamin D: Most Americans are deficient in this vitamin that plays an essential role in controlling inflammation

Eu Natural’s Breathe Sinus and Lungs Respiratory Relief combines all of these with the Boswellia to help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms and boost your immune system.

When you take the boswellia over the long term, you can help reduce the symptoms and even the frequency of your asthma attacks. But remember – this is not a rescue treatment. Turn to your other prescriptions during an asthma attack.

Since asthma and allergies often go hand in hand, some of these anti-inflammatory benefits – as well as the benefits of the other natural supplements above – can improve allergies and hay fever as well.

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Just As Effective As Boswellia?

Once people realize that boswellia is the same plant used to make frankincense, they sometimes wonder if their frankincense essential oil can take the place of a boswellia supplement.

It’s a fair question since frankincense essential oil is incredible for many different things. It’s calming, so it helps relieve anxiety or stress. And it also, like its plant of origin, has anti-inflammatory properties.

But the studies on boswellia have been done on the actual gum resin, not the essential oil. To make sure you are getting the effective, concentrated dose – just stick with the boswellia extract.

That doesn’t mean you cannot still benefit from frankincense essential oil. Try diffusing it in your home or office and breathing it in regularly. But before taking frankincense internally when you are also taking boswellia, talk to your doctor or naturopath. You do not want to overdo the concentration.

Is Boswellia Safe For Everyone?

Boswellia is considered to safe for most adults. There are no known side effects, and there are no known drug interactions. So you should feel confident giving it a try.

But there are two groups of people who need to proceed with caution:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women: There’s not really been much testing on taking boswellia during pregnancy or breastfeeding. So it may be best to stop this supplementation until your baby is weaned. If you still want to take boswellia, absolutely do so under the monitoring of your OBGYN or naturopath.
  • Children and teens: I know most asthma attacks each year are actually in children, so you may be hoping this is their solution too. But giving boswellia to children is not well researched, so you should never give the supplement to your child until you talk to their pediatrician.

Making Boswellia Part of Your Asthma Treatment

Boswellia is a fabulous way to get all-natural breathing support.

The goal here is to include boswellia into your overall asthma treatment regimen, alongside rescue treatment, allergy treatments, exercise, and an anti-inflammatory diet. It will never be the only asthma treatment you need, but science has shown us that is definitely an effective way to improve your symptoms and lessen the frequency of attacks.


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