10 Top Kidney Stone Remedies For Quick and Natural Relief

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May 24, 2017

When you struggle with kidney stones, you want relief…and you want it now! You want them to stop arriving… but if they do arrive, you want them gone as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I get it, so I would love to help you! Here is a list of not only some of the best and quickest options to remedy kidney stones, but also entirely natural options.

Top Kidney Stone Remedies For Quick and Natural

You will find recommendations to change aspects of your diet and lifestyle. And you will find vitamins and herbs that can be especially effective at bringing relief to your kidney stone dilemma.

Top Kidney Stone Remedies

1. Water

Water can easily be considered the #1 preventer of kidney stones, as well as the #1 treatment of kidney stones. You need to flush out all the stone-forming substances through plenty of urine.

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Unless you have a medical problem (like kidney disease) when your doctor tells you to watch your water intake, you should be drinking around 2 to 3 quarts of water each day (think about the size of a 2-liter soda bottle). This is because doctors want your body to be producing “at least two quarts of urine in every 24-hour period.”

Many people will tell you that your urine should be clear (or very light yellow). While this is a good general rule of thumb, other factors could alter this. For example, if you take a multivitamin, your urine may be bright yellow.

2. Magnesium

Find yourself getting kidney stones again and again? You may need to up your magnesium levels. You are not alone in this, it is assumed that around 80% of Americans are deficient in this mineral.

Here is why it is so important: the #1 type of kidney stones is calcium-oxalate. Magnesium “helps prevent calcium from combining with oxalate.” On top of this there have been strong connections made between low magnesium and kidney stone creation.

The best two ways to do this are through magnesium rich foods and an added magnesium supplement. Some high magnesium foods include:

  • Leafy greens (like kale)
  • Nuts and seeds (almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds)
  • Beans and lentils (white beans, chickpeas, pinto beans)
  • Whole grains (quinoa, wild rice)
  • Avocados

But you will also need to take into consideration that some high-magnesium foods are also high in calcium oxalate. If that is the type of stone you get, you may want to focus on taking a magnesium supplement.

3. Lemon Juice

image lemon juice kidney stone remedy

Lemon juice is well-known as a way to help pass a stone. Some swear the combo of lemon juice and olive oil will help break up smaller stones so they can be easily flushed out. Others suggest following it up with raw apple cider vinegar.

The Global Healing Center’s recipe is:

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  • Combine 2 ounces of olive oil and 2 ounces of lemon juice (both organic); drink them straight
  • Then drink 12 ounces of purified water
  • After a half hour, combine half of the juice of a lemon with another 12 ounces of purified water and one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar

Also, if you are a fan of essential oils, you can also try some lemon oil in your water. But first remember these two crucial points:

  • Always choose an essential oil brand that is labeled safe to ingest
  • Never put essential oils in plastic cups; use glass only

 4. Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra is a Spanish phrase that translates to “Stone Breaker.” How nice does a “stone breaker” sound when you’re in the midst of passing a kidney stone?

Chanca Piedra has been shown to play a big role in preventing and breaking down kidney stones. It reduces the amount of stone-forming substances (like calcium-oxalate), halts crystals in the urine from aggregating, interferes with forming stones, relaxes the ureter, and much more.

Studies have shown it to be highly effective. In one German study, 94% of 100 patients with kidney stones passed their stones successfully within two weeks. And nobody had any negative side effects.

Chanca Piedra is taken both as a supplement and as a tea.

5. Vitamin B6 + Vitamin E

As we already know, the most common type of kidney stone is a calcium-oxalate stone. Aside from limiting foods with high oxalate content (like: spinach, nuts, bran flakes), you can also make sure to get in plenty of vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

One study in the late 1999s looked at nearly over 85,000 women over the course of 14 years. Those who continually had a high intake of vitamin B6 had fewer kidney stones. Then another study showed vitamin E helped prevent kidney stones in a special subset of people: those with urogenital tuberculosis (a condition that leads to frequent kidney stones.).

Taking a supplement is a simple solution and it is water-soluble, so you do not have to worry about really monitoring your levels like you would with some other supplements.

6. Exercise

image woman man running fitness

Studies show that sedentary people get more kidney stones than active people. In fact, a comprehensive study of women showed that those who exercised lowered their risk of kidney stones by 31%.

Even if you don’t like the gym, intentionally adding activities to your week is a great way to remedy your kidney stone problem.

  • Try a new hiking trail each weekend
  • Take different classes to find one your like (yoga, aerial yoga, kickboxing, soul cycle, etc.)
  • Start a garden in your backyard and stay active in keeping it up

7. Celery Seed Extract

Celery seed extract comes straight from… you guessed it… celery seeds. These seeds have long been used to help the body get rid of gallstones and kidney stones. It has diuretic properties that aid in the flushing process.

Celery seed extract is also great for overall kidney health. If you are in the midst of kidney disease, however, it is important to check with your doctor before taking celery seed extract (or any amount of celery at all).

8. Aloe Vera

image alove vera

Aloe Vera may be our #1 sunburn healer, but it can do just as much internally as it can externally – including preventing kidney stones from popping up.

Aloe Vera actually can help reduce urinary crystals – those elements that can eventually become kidney stones. This is due to a particular compound found in Aloe Vera: aloemannan.

Taking Aloe Vera is simple. You can buy it in juice form at the store. Make sure it 100% natural with no fillers. But it is important to realize some people should not be taking aloe. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on birth control pills, or have kidney or heart diseases, talk to your doctor first.

9. Stinging Nettle Tea

The leaves of stinging nettle are almost like nature’s wonder drug. They can do so much - from uplifting the mood to boosting fertility. But it also just so happens that this plant is a diuretic, one that also has natural antibiotic properties.

As Natural Living Ideas suggests, drinking stinging nettle tea can help you:

  • Flush out your kidneys
  • Slow down or stop the growth of stones
  • Prevent new stones from forming

10. Fiber

The last idea I want to share with you will not only help prevent kidney stones, but will also benefit your holistic health. Eat more fiber.

A study of nearly 84,000 women showed that those who did three important things had a much lower chance of kidney stones:

  • Consumed more dietary fiber
  • Ate more fruit
  • Ate more vegetables

Make sure to choose fiber sources that are not too high in calcium oxalate. Some options are Brussels sprouts, artichokes, pears, and avocados.



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