Top Herbal Remedies to Grow Your Hair Naturally

Hair not growing in as full or fast as you want? Whether you are afflicted by thinning hair or you simply want to speed up growth and increase volume, you may want to think about trying out herbal remedies for hair growth.

Top Herbal Remedies to Grow Your Hair Naturally

Why Try Herbal Remedies for Hair Growth?

Here are a few reasons to think about turning to the natural world for hair growth solutions:

  • Herbal remedies for hair growth are backed by a long history. Most of the chemicals that we put in our hair have only been in use since industrialization. But herbal remedies have been used in hair care for centuries around the world. What worked for Cleopatra and Helen of Troy can work for you.
  • Herbal hair remedies don’t contain unhealthy chemicals. Speaking of chemicals, a lot of the artificial substances that we put in our hair actually cause damage. This can thin out our locks. If you use an all-natural herbal product instead to treat your hair, you can protect your tresses and your overall health.
  • An herbal remedy for your hair may be a cost-effective solution. Think how expensive some of the chemical hair care products are which you purchase from the salon or supermarket. You will find that many herbal products are actually significantly less expensive, making hair care more affordable and accessible.
  • Medications like Rogaine can produce adverse side effects. You may be able to avoid these side effects by sticking with herbal remedies for hair loss instead.
  • There may be other health benefits. Herbal remedies which can help boost hair growth may also have other advantages for your health as well. You can particularly enjoy these benefits if you take herbal supplements for hair in a capsule form rather than just using a topical application.

Best Herbal Remedies to Try For Your Hair

Now that we’ve talked about why you might want to give her herbal remedies for hair a try, let’s talk about some of the herbs which may benefit your locks.

1. Ginkgo Extract

Ginkgo Leaves and Extract for Hair

A lot of people take ginkgo extract to support brain health. But did you know that it is also potentially good for your hair?

As this research describes, “Ginkgo biloba (GBE) inhibited the increase of serum the triglyceride level in high cholesterol diet-treated rats. These results suggested that GBE promotes the hair regrowth and could be used as a hair tonic.

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While this is an animal study, it is a promising one, and even sheds some light on some of the potential mechanisms at work.

Taking gingko for your hair offers you the following health benefits simultaneously:

  • Nourish your body with healthy antioxidants.
  • Reduce inflammation throughout the body.
  • Increase circulation.
  • Slow cognitive decline.
  • Increase brain function.
  • Fight anxiety and depression.
  • Possibly treat headaches.
  • Combat COPD and asthma.
  • Treat PMS.
  • Possibly treat sexual dysfunction.

This list comes from this article. If you visit the article, you can learn about these benefits in detail.

2. Grape Seed Extract

grape seed extract for hair

If you are in search of a nourishing source of antioxidants for your hair, consider grape seed extract. According to the researchers in this study, “We conclude that up to date cosmetic formulations – skin or hair care products – must contain not only oil-soluble antioxidants but also water-soluble products, such as grape seed procyanidins, to offer a broader protection against environmental oxidative stress.”

3. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Just as black tea may have benefits for hair, the same may be true of green tea as well.

This animal study separated rats into two groups. Regular water was given to the control group over a six-month period of time. The experimental group drank water which was infused with polyphenols from dehydrated green tea.

The scientists reported, “The results showed that 33% of the mice in experimental Group A, who received polyphenol extract in their drinking water, had significant hair regrowth during six months of treatment (p = 0.014).”

So this is a good reason to regularly drink green tea, which is also excellent for your health in many other respects.

It is also possible to purchase capsules which contain green tea extract in a concentrated form. This can give you a more potent effect.

While you are enhancing hair growth with green tea, and you can expect the following health benefits:

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  1. Boost your intake of antioxidants which fight free radical damage in the body.
  2. Enhance brain function.
  3. Burn fat more rapidly.
  4. Reduce cancer risk.
  5. Reduce your chance of certain diseases.
  6. Prevent and fight infections.

You can read in depth about the benefits of green tea in this article.

4. Horsetail Extract

Horsetail Extract for Hair

Horsetail extract is a traditional herbal remedy which has been across the ages for hair loss, as mentioned in this article. The article also mentions that it can be good for improving nail strength.

It appears that while horsetail extract is popular as a hair care remedy, and included in many hair care products, not a lot of research has actually been done on it yet. Given its long anecdotal history, however, it seems well worth a try.

5. Pygeum Africanum Extract

pygeum africanum extract

Pygeum africanum extract is an herbal remedy for hair loss which is showing up in more and more hair care products nowadays.

This patent explains the mechanism through which this herb may be able to treat hair loss. The authors state, “Similarly, extracts from pygeum bark (Pygeum africanum) and nettle root (Urtica dioica), which are also used to treat prostate hyperplasia, also act to inhibit production of DHT within the body. The extracts of these two plants inhibit the action of 5-alpha-reductase and aromatase, both of which are critical to the production of DHT.”

Not clear on what DHT is? The American Hair Loss Association says, “Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the male hormone testosterone, is the enemy of hair follicles on your head. Simply put, under certain conditions DHT wants those follicles dead. This simple action is at the root of many kinds of hair loss.”

That means that getting DHT under control can potentially go a long ways towards keeping a full head of hair. Pygeum africanum extract can help you to do just that.

6. Stinging Nettle Extract

Stinging Nettle Extract for Hair

Previously, I shared an explanation from a patent for a product which is aimed at inhibiting DHT production in order to protect against hair loss.

You may recall that the authors not only mentioned Pygeum africanum, but nettle root as well.

In the same patent, they add, “Nettle and pygeum extracts have been shown to have a synergistic effect when taken together, and a combination of these extracts is sold in Europe under the name “Prostaitin.” The combination is also believed to have similar positive effects on hair growth as does the extract of red saw palmetto.”

In other words, while Pygeum africanum and nettle can both promote hair growth, the combination of the two may be more powerful than taking either one alone.

7. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto for Hair
dried saw palmetto closeup

Let’s elaborate a little bit more on saw palmetto, which was mentioned in the patent above. This herb contains phytosterols  conjugated with esterified fatty acids in the berries. As this article describes, “They act in synergy to prevent androgenic alopecia through diverse mechanisms. It is reported to be devoid of any adverse side effects unlike synthetic 5α-reductase inhibitors commonly used for prevention and management of androgenic alopecia.”

In short, this is an herb which is renowned not only for producing great results for hair loss, but also for its lack of unwanted side effects.

8. Black Tea Extract

Black tea for hair
Loose black tea in wooden tea infuser with cinnamon sticks and tea cup (Selective Focus, Focus on the tea leaves at the rim of the infuser)

This source reports on an animal study performed at Harvard University on the effects of drinking black tea. The article as quoted as stating, “Mice treated with black tea tended to have a greater serum testosterone concentration (34.4%, P = 0.50) and had a 72% lower DHT concentration than controls (P < 0.05), suggesting that black tea may contain components that inhibit the activity of 5 -reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to the more bioactive DHT.”

The key figure there to note is “72% lower DHT concentration.” That is quite a significant reduction. And as a bonus, the black tea protects testosterone levels.

How to Try These Herbal Remedies for Hair Growth

Now you know about some of the best herbal remedies to try for enhancing hair growth and protecting the hair you do have from damage, you are probably wondering how to purchase and use these remedies.

There are a number of approaches you can try, such as:

  • Take an oral supplement
  • Use shampoos and conditioners which contain these herbs
  • Create an herbal hair rinse

Let’s talk about each of these a little bit.

Herbal Oral Supplements for Hair Care

One of the most effective methods you can use is to take an oral supplement which contains one or more herbs for hair care.

While you can purchase the herbal extracts listed above individually, one of the simplest and most affordable approaches is to take a supplement which contains a combination of herbal extracts all in one capsule.

It is worth mentioning that if you’re hoping to take advantage of some of the other health benefits of these herbs, an oral capsule makes more sense than a topical application.

By taking a capsule, you provide your entire body with the full benefits of these herbs, rather than just your scalp or hair.

For that reason, taking a supplement you can ingest is recommended even if you also decide to try a topical method (see below).

Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Herbal Hair Supplements

Getting the best results from herbal hair supplements means taking the time to select high-quality products. The following tips will help you to do that.

  • Look for a product that is potent. Read the ingredients label to find out how much of each herb is present in each capsule. Some companies contract with third-party laboratories to provide testing results that you can look at as well.
  • Make sure that the product you are using is pure. Do you see any unnecessary fillers or additives listed in the ingredients? If so, consider looking for a different product which is purer. This too is something you can check third-party test results for.
  • Consider a hair supplement which includes a combination of these healthy herbal ingredients. Even though you can purchase these herbs separately, the expense of doing that will quickly add up, along with the hassle involved. Instead, think about choosing an all-in-one hair multivitamin which contains a blend of these powerful herbs in conjunction where vitamins and minerals for additional nourishment.
  • Check reviews. Finally, it is always smart to find out what customer experiences have been like. Take a look at reviews, and make sure that you are reading them with a critical eye.

If you choose a pure, potent hair growth supplement and take it regularly, you will hopefully maximize the rate at which your hair grows in as well as its fullness.

Shampoos and Conditioners

healthy herbal shampoo for hair

Because herbal remedies for hair can be so powerful, quite a few manufacturers include them in shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products.

If you look at the back of one of your shampoo bottles right now, chances are good that you will find some herbal ingredients listed, possibly including some from the list above.

If you do not, try checking some ingredients lists of products online or at your local supermarket.

You also can shop for handcrafted shampoo bars which include nothing but healthy herbal ingredients with none of the chemicals that are common in products that you get from the store.

Products that these may be a good replacement for what you are putting in your hair now.

Make Your Own Hair Rinse

A third option for bringing some of these herbal remedies into your hair care routine is to make a hair rinse which includes them.

This is the most time-consuming option. To do it, you’ll need to hunt down the herbs that you need. After that, you will need to create the rinse itself, which also takes some time and effort.

The advantage of this method, however, is that you can customize the blend you create.

Along with these hair growth herbs, you can also add in herbs to achieve other effects. You can make your hair lighter or darker, enhance its shine, improve its softness, reinforce its strength, and so forth.

Note that you can either use fresh or dried herbs to create your hair rinse, or you can use essential oils. The combination works fine as well.

Here are the basic steps for creating an herbal hair rinse:

  1. First, decide which ingredients to use, and purchase them.
  2. One of the most effective bases you can use for an herbal hair rinse is apple cider vinegar (ACV). Stock up on that as well.
  3. Pour some apple cider vinegar into a saucepan, and bring it to a boil on the stove. Yes, this is a smelly process, but the odor should dissipate quickly when you are done.
  4. Once the vinegar is boiling, add your herbs to a tea ball and put the tea ball inside. Continue to boil for a few minutes, moving the tea ball around to disperse the herbal goodness.
  5. Once you feel that the mixture has been adequately steeped, you can turn off the heat and wait for your vinegar to cool down.
  6. Pour the herb-infused vinegar into a glass jar and cover it.
  7. Store it in your fridge overnight. You can use it the next day.

Note that you can store your hair rinse in or out of the fridge over the long term. As with any other product you want to preserve, a cool dark location will allow it to last as long as possible. It should keep great for many months.

herbal hair rinse

Here are the steps for using an herbal hair rinse:

  1. Grab a cup or glass.
  2. Pour a couple of tablespoons—that’s all!—into the cup. Don’t use more than that; you don’t need it, and too much vinegar will irritate your scalp instead of offering benefits.
  3. Bring the cup to the shower with you.
  4. Wash your hair as usual, applying whatever product you like to apply, and rinse as usual as well.
  5. Pour water from the shower into the cup with your vinegar in it. You can usually just fill the cup the rest of the way. Even though this produces a mild concentration of the herbal vinegar mixture, that is really all you want or need.
  6. Pour this mixture over your wet hair. Make sure that it reaches your scalp and roots.
  7. Step out of the shower, dry your hair as usual, and go about your routine.

You will notice that I did not mention that you should rinse the mixture out of your hair after you pour it in.

That is because it is more effective if you leave it in your hair. If the odor really bothers you, you can rinse it out if you prefer.

Once your hair dries, the vinegar smell should be completely gone. This will be true even if you do not rinse it out.

Conclusion: Herbal Remedies Are an Easy and Effective Way to Fight Hair Loss and Promote Fast, Full Growth

If you are tired of looking at thinning hair or bald patches in the mirror, that does not mean it is necessarily time to start using Rogaine.

It is well worth it to check into herbal remedies first. Black tea, green tea, gingko, nettle, saw palmetto, Pygeum africanum, grape seed and horsetail extracts all can nourish your roots with what your hair needs to grow.

Whereas Rogaine can cause a slew of unwanted side effects, herbal extracts like these can boost your overall health while accelerating hair growth.

So try herbal remedies for hair growth today, and look forward to looking and feeling your best.