Try these 4 Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

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May 11, 2017

When it is time to make a baby, it is time for the parents-to-be to have lots of sex. You are probably wondering if there is a right (or wrong!) way to have sex when you have this goal in mind.

Let’s look at what the experts say…. Is there really one magical sex position that is a surefire way to make a baby?

Try these 4 Best Sex Positions to Conceive a

Not necessarily.

You can technically get pregnant with any position. As one obstetrics and gynecology professor said, “No one position works better than any other.”

Why is this the case? Sperm. These creatures are “capable of living for up to five days after they have left the man’s body. Once they have swum their way through the woman’s cervix and into her uterus, their single goal is to keep swimming towards the fallopian tubes, which is where fertilization usually occurs.”

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But that does not mean there are not some general tips on positions to avoid, positions that provide deeper penetration, and ways to situate your body after sex. And I want to share them all with you.

We are going to talk about:

  • The pre-sex position to get you in the mood
  • 4 well-trusted sex positions that provide deep penetration for the sperm
  • Sex positions to avoid if you want to become pregnant
  • The after-sex position – the one experts say can have a real impact

The Pre-Sex Position

Okay, okay. This may not be a real “sex position,” but rather a mind position. How you treat sex when you’re trying to conceive is really important. This is especially true for those dealing with infertility, frequently having “sex with a purpose” instead of just sex.

When you are having sex with a goal in mind – getting pregnant – two things tend to happen:

  • You lose the magic of it all
  • You increase the stress

Sex for conception should not be a stressful get-it-over-with moment. Not only does anxiety mess with your natural cycle, it can put unnecessary pressure on a relationship already in transition.

This means your “pre-sex position” includes:

  • Taking time to get into the mood. Foreplay might not make a baby, but it makes a happy and fulfilled couple.
  • Taking time to set an ambiance. Light candles, play music, put on something sexy, or do whatever makes you two feel like having enjoyable sex with one another.

4 Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

Try these 4 Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

We already know that there is no real scientific evidence that one position will give you a baby any more than another position. But the general community has some opinions on positions worked well for them – what helped bring them from love making to baby making.

These four sex positions have the casual reputation of being great choices for conception – not by scientists, buy by people who have tried to have a baby. And there’s logic to them: the key here will be deep penetration, which brings sperm even closer to the cervix.

1. Missionary

Ever wondered how the common missionary position got its name? It is said that years ago Christian missionaries believed that sex was not for pleasure, but for conception. Their recommended position to accomplish this was man on top of a woman lying on her back. They knew the position got the job done (AKA baby made), without any sexy craziness. It may not be the most inventive choice, but it allows for deeper penetration and prevents too much sperm from exiting the vagina right away.

2. Spooning

Any rear-entry sort of position is great for keeping the cervix close to the released sperm. Spooning in particular is a great way to feel close, comfortable, and romantic with your partner while still trying a rear-entry position.

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3. Doggy Style

One again we focus on a rear-entry position. Where spooning was your “romantic” and “close” option, traditional doggy style is your “fun” or more “adventurous” option. You can either be on your hands and knees or on your belly. It truly depends on what makes you and your partner happy.

4. Butterfly

Consider this the exciting version of missionary. The butterfly has the woman elevated and lying on her back while the man stands as he enters. The woman’s legs rest on his chest and shoulders. You know that old wives’ tale about keeping your feet in the air to encourage the sperm to meet an egg? You will already be a step ahead using this position.

Sex Positions To Avoid

Since we are mentioning sex positions that could make conception more likely, let’s take a moment to talk about those that could make it less likely.

But a word of warning first: if you don’t want to get pregnant, do not think these positions are a safe bet to leave behind your contraception. You can absolutely still get pregnant. But if you want to give the sperm the best chances possible to meet an egg, there are a few positions to leave out of your routine.

Avoid any positions where the woman is standing or sitting. The only reasons this could harm conception odds is gravity. The semen is more likely to spill out immediately.

The After-Sex Position

What is technically more important than the actual sex position is the after-sex position. And no, I don’t mean some yoga-style headstand. There is no need for an extreme position to encourage the sperm to find their way to the uterus.

Here is what you should do instead:

  • Lie on your back or your front
  • Put a small pillow under your hips
  • Stay there for 10 to 15 minutes before visiting the bathroom

Remember: this is to prevent the sperm from leaking out to improve your chances of pregnancy. You can absolutely get pregnant without doing this move. It’s more of a “why not give it a try?” sort of position.

Sex Positions, Conceiving, And You

No matter what sex positions you try: the goal is to be comfortable. I know you want that baby more than your next breath. But when you can have fun and keep your stress levels lower, you are doing your body a service.

So take a breath and make sure the baby-making sessions are enjoyable for both of you. Especially since you are supposed to have sex every other night around ovulation time.


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