10 Most Common Causes of Women's Fatigue

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June 23, 2018
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Dr. Stephanie Nichols, ND

You’re exhausted. Maybe it’s a struggle to get out of bed – maybe it’s nodding off at your 10:30am or 3:30pm meeting – maybe your brain power just can’t meet your desired production. You’re a woman with low energy, and you’re definitely not alone.

As a woman, there are many different factors that can play a role in zapping your energy, but there’s good news.

10 Most Common Causes of Women's Fatigue

You can do something about it. Below I’m going to share with you 10 of the most common reasons your energy is low and exactly how you can fix it.

No sugary energy drink required!

Causes of Fatigue in Women

1. Thyroid

Thyroid Scan

Let’s start off with a health problem that has a direct impact on your energy levels – one that largely affects women: thyroid issues.

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Most people know they have a thyroid, but many aren’t exactly sure what it does. One of its most important functions is to create the hormones that will actually regulate energy. If it works too hard or too little, your energy levels could be affected:

  • Too much, and your body’s overdoing it
  • Too little, and it’s just not enough hormone to help you meet your energetic potential

How to Fix It: Make an appointment with a doctor, share your concerns, and ask that he/she run tests. They will be able to see clearly whether or not your thyroid is working properly. Medication, supplements, improved eating, and stress relief should do the trick!

2. Heart Problems

For women, heart diseases are statistically more of a problem than even breast cancer – actually it’s more of a problem than any type of cancer combined.

But heart disease is not only life-threatening, it can also make you tired. Fatigue just so happens to be one of the most common symptoms of heart disease. In this case, exhaustion may be a warning sign of larger problems to come.

How to Fix It: Go to the doctor. Get regular checkups. Follow their instructions. Lose extra weight and stay active.

3. Depression

Though depression can affect anyone at any time, it’s twice as likely to affect a woman than it will a man. In fact, around 1 in 8 women experience clinical depression over the course of their lifetimes.

Some of the gender difference can be accounted for things like postpartum depression and hormonal shifts (like the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause).

One of the biggest and most common symptoms of depression is fatigue. This comes alongside lack of motivation, trouble with concentration, and anxiety. All of this means it’s super common for you to feel like your energy tank is at zero.

Depression often makes people 4x more tired than somebody without depression.

How to Fix It: Definitely talk to somebody – a doctor or therapist, preferably both. Make an action plan on how to treat your depression. This may include a mixture of pharmaceutical and home treatments. Luckily, most of the lifestyle suggestions below (like getting outside and exercising) will help relieve depression as well!

4. Not Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D Rich Foods

Low levels of vitamin D are associated with a whole bunch of health problems – including chronic fatigue syndrome.

The bad news is most people, even in developed countries, are deficient in this important vitamin. Why? Lots of reasons. We don’t spend near as much time in the sunshine as we used to. Many of us are missing healthy sources of vitamin D from our diets. For others, a poor digestive system leads to malabsorption.

How to Fix It: This one’s easy. Get outside! Allow the sun to kiss your skin for a few minutes before you cover it up with sunscreen (but don’t go too long!). Then add in a supplement that has D3 (avoid D2 – it’s not absorbed as well!).

5. Not Enough Vitamin B

You may have already heard that the collection of B vitamins are major energy boosters. The rumors are true. The B vitamins work together and separately to help your body work more properly and increase your energy and boost your brain power.

Vitamin B12 is especially important.

How to Fix It: Eat more foods with the B vitamins in them. Luckily, you have lots of choices. Meats and animal products are good choices. If you’re plant-based, don’t worry. Leafy greens and other produce can be helpful too – but not so much with B12. Taking a supplement with all the B vitamins is a must-do if you’re feeling groggy.

6. Not Enough Iron

Iron Rich Foods

Iron does a lot for your body. It’s essential for blood production and for moving the oxygen around your body. It also plays a big role in creating necessary energy.

An iron deficiency is especially common for women – mostly because you lose iron during your monthly period.

How to Fix It:  Have your doctor take an iron test to see if you’re low in iron or even possibly anemic. Add in some iron-rich foods like leafy greens, meat, and seeds. Then take a supplement if your doctor feels you need one!

7. Wrong Foods at the Wrong Time

Now we are moving out of the health and nutrition causes for women’s low energy, and we’re moving into some lifestyle elements. First up, food!

Women lead busy lives. Sometimes one of the first things a woman will let go of is eating a meal. When you’re rushing to get out the door on time, breakfast may be the last thing on your mind. Or if you’re trying to finish a deadline, you may forego the actual lunch part of lunch hour.

That’s all a big mistake for your energy levels.

What times are you feeling the most sluggish throughout the day? 2 or 3? You’re probably either skipping lunch or you’re not choosing filling protein-rich or fiber-rich items. Does late morning force you to have a third cup of coffee (or fourth, fifth, or sixth!)? Then you’re probably not getting enough at breakfast.

The goal is to eat regularly and to choose foods that will sustain your energy instead of giving you a sugar crash.

That bowl of cereal may taste delicious at 7am, but how does it make you feel at 10:30am? Probably starving and mentally crashed.

How to Fix It: Eat! Take some extra time to plan out your breakfasts and lunches before the week begins, so busyness doesn’t take over. Then choose foods with lots of protein, fiber, and healthy fat for breakfast and lunch. Here are some of my favorite breakfast ideas:

  • Berry, spinach, and protein powder smoothie
  • Avocado toast with a handful of nuts
  • Veggie omelet

For lunch:

  • Quinoa salad with a zesty chicken breast
  • Black bean burger and side salad
  • Dinner leftovers

8. Not Enough Sleep

Sleeping to Get Rid Of Fatigue

Chances are – you’re likely not getting enough sleep each night. Women have a harder time both falling asleep and staying asleep than men do. They are even more likely to have sleep disorders (like insomnia) than men.

All of this means, you’re tired during the day. Sleepy. Struggling to find the energy.

How to Fix It: Adjust your schedule so you have enough time to get 7 to 8 hours each night. If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, try an all-natural sleep aid with ingredients like magnesium and melatonin (Eu Natural Serenity is an ideal combo of natural ingredients!). Create a bedtime routine and stick to it.

9. Not Enough Exercise

Here’s the thing about exercise: at first, it feels like it zaps your energy. When you start your new exercise regimen, you may feel extra sleepy for a few days. Anyone with low energy may have a hard time getting over that slump and making it too the prize – lots of extra energy.

Studies have shown that businesses are actually losing billions of dollars each year simply due to the lack of energy brought on by lack of exercise.

But be sure you don’t exercise right before bed (it will make it harder to sleep). Also, pay attention to your body. Some people feel energized during the day after a pre-work workout. Others do better right after work. Experiment and see what leaves you with the most energy.

How to Fix It: Get moving. If you like gym settings, start there, but don’t stop there. Get outside to jog, swim, bike, or hike. See what exercise classes are being offered near you. Let variety be the spice that keeps you coming day after day. It doesn’t have to be long workouts, but it does have to be consistent.

YouTube is filled with convenient workouts you can do at home or at the office. Here’s one example that doesn’t require weights:

10. Too Much Stress

Stress is a serious energy drainer – and women know this intimately. Not only are we dealing with relationships, children, work, household duties, etc. – we’re also constantly plugged in. Think about it for a minute: how much time have you spent on your phone this week? Today? The past hour?

All of that stimulation, worry, anxiety, and overwhelm can leave you feeling sleepy and unmotivated.

If you want to do something for your energy, you’ll have to do something about your stress.

How to Fix It: Take it easy with self-care. Eating right and exercising are the first steps. Then you can try things like meditation, journaling, and talk therapy. Also, be intentional about giving yourself real downtime without your phone, without your email. Let your brain and body rest.

You Can Have More Energy with These Two Supplements

I’ve shown you some of the biggest factors that may be leaving you exhausted, foggy, slow, sleepy, and unproductive. And now you have some tools to combat all of that. But I’m also going to show you one more step that can help just about any woman no matter what’s zapping her energy:

Caffeine + L-theanine

Elite 2

We already know that caffeine helps boost energy…that’s why we go for the extra cups of coffee! But most of us also know too much caffeine and leave us jittery and anxious – both of which can zap our energy even more.

A great way to combat these issues is to combine caffeine with l-theanine. This amino acid from green tea will help soothe the brain, so you are left with steady and sustainable energy.

Boost That Energy

If you’re feeling depleted of that pep in your step, it’s time to take action. I know when you’re already exhausted doing even more may seem impossible, but each of these energy action steps above can offer a big payoff.

Figure out what’s zapping your energy and make the necessary changes to boost it right back up. Supplements, diet change, and an exercise regimen are some of the easiest ways to start! Make sure to schedule a check-up with your doctor as well!



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